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Trying to keep up with the

4th Industrial Revolution ?

Start by connecting your machinery to track production and increase factory performance !

The factory of the future is a new way to organize and optimize means of production. A smarter factory offers greater production flexibility, and efficient resource management.

Does it have to be complex ?

No !

Entering the industry of the future

has never been easier

With KEYPROD, the solution is :


Your machines communicate in a language of vibrations that KEYPROD interprets and calibrates using algorithm analysis and artificial intelligence. The configuration steps are reduced to the minimum for easy and rapid deployment.

Plug n Play

Are you afraid of long, heavy and complex installations ? With KEYPROD, there are no auditing needs, no production stoppages, minimal installation required. KEYPROD is not intrusive, it works by just putting it on the machine and plugging it in. Install it yourself !


Built with open architecture, it is easy to connect with your existing softwares and tier one sensors. As middleware, KEYPROD focuses data to provide accurate, real-time visibility of your production plant, in a clear and customizable way.

Make your

Factory smarter

Your ERP system lacks when it comes to providing the plant floor visibility.

KEYPROD becomes a powerful MES (Manufacturing Execution System), tracking your workflow and interacting with your existing ERP, making information accessible to everyone at any time, available on all your devices.

KEYPROD Responsive Dashboard
KEYPROD Responsive Dashboard
KEYPROD Responsive Dashboard

Transform your industrial model

With the

Digital technology

KEYPROD is a real-time machine monitoring and manufacturing data collection system with clear and customizable reports and charts, providing accurate visibility of your production to track jobs, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), scrap, downtime and more....


  • 2009

    Emotions can move mountains.

    Damien MARC acquired JPB SYSTEME when he was 28 year old after his father Jean Pierre passed away. JPB is a mechanical startup specialized in designing and producing Self-locking devices for the aerospace industries. His strategy is simple : innovation, international growth to achieve the dreams of his father.

  • 2009-2016

    The Success Story

    Within less than 10 years, JPB SYSTEME will turn into an incredible success story. The company counts four of the global aeronautics sector’s biggest engine manufacturers among its customers, together with their main partners. Meeting the productions expectations become a real challenge !

  • 2016-2018

    Thinking differently

    Damien has grown the business and increased competitiveness by creating one of the first 4.0 fully automatics and robotics machining workshop based in the south of Paris. The brain of this revolution is his own MES (Manufacturing Execution System) which connects all the machines, ERP, and data bases from the company.

  • 2019

    KEYPROD was Born

    The time has come to offer to the entire world the Key of our success :
    This is called KEYPROD, a software created by the industry for the industry .. But once again, we will not do what others do... It will be different, simple and smart !

  • Stay

Our Mission

Help manufacturers to optimize performance of their production units with a simple, efficient and modern solution.

Most companies have a corporate ERP system, already in place for managing business operations. However, most corporate ERP systems are not integrated with the production floor, causing changes between planned versus actual production, underused capacity, and higher manufacturing costs.

This is where KEYPROD comes in to play...

Let's make it happen !

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